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About Isotattica

Isotattica was founded by ​​Paolo Negri with the aim to create value and innovation by exploiting his technical-industrial skills and commercial experience of 25 + years of transversal activities in the field of polymers, extrusion, rheometry, providing support in the industrial sector and acting as a link among the companies who process plastics, the producers of polymers and / or compounds, universities, and institutes.


Isotattica is a service company and helps to solve problems that arise during processing phase of the materials, providing also consultancy in projects, material selection & strategy, product developments.

We operate within four macro-areas of interest:

Characterization of materials with focus on rheological behaviour of materials, through innovative approach, to elucidate and solve process problems in a pragmatic way.

Where materials scouting is requested, sharing of our expertise and brainstorm solutions, advise on material selection, set up proper analytical test plan, and assessing melt behaviour.

Assistance in technical development, with the ability to develop and make the most of the opportunities that come up. 

Support in the design of the equipment or optimization of existing one involved in the processing of polymers.

Our plus

We provide concrete and pragmatic support:

To those who need to design new materials / compounds and perform rheometric characterizations for mapping and quantifying stresses, deformations and orientation in flows, with emphasis in the extensional field in the various channel’s geometries or in downstream operation like blowing, strand palettization or spinning of fibers.

To those who need to design and manufacture process equipment and layouts (co-extrusion heads / dies, extruders, downstream equipment) for specific industrial applications where knowledge of the shear characteristics but above all in elongation are vital.

Who must study the extrusion process and its efficiency based on the rheological response of the materials and their stability when changing extrusion settings.

To producers and converter of materials, or to deepen the intimate rheological aspects that cannot be captured with conventional approaches and that can make the difference.

To those who need material consultation, for proper material selection, design review, feasibility study.

To those who want to acquire mastery in dealing with and solving problems and improve business by distinguishing themselves from competitors.